Well, I am exhausted and it’s only 9am. First something woke me up at 3am, can’t remember what (oh, right, it was the sound of a cat vomiting, Henri, dry food, edge of rug, not too bad), and then I couldn’t get back to sleep so I had a cup of coffee and practiced Bach for a couple of hours, then went to sleep on the couch.

Re-awoke at 8am, decided to make my Capital One card payment, they have an option for Biometric Security, and ever since my Bitcoin Wallet ZenGo insisted I turn that on, no options, I’ve been liking the fingerprint thingie a lot (the facial recognition creeps me out) so I said, sure, why not. But then they had to send me a double-protection code on my US phone and my T-Mobile SIM is temporarily in storage awaiting the switchover of my French number from Orange to Free tomorrow.

OK, no problem, I’ll just pop the T-Mobile SIM back in, which I did, got the code, made the payment. Of course, at this point the Orange SIM is in the slot labeled “T-Mobile” because that’s what will be there and now the T-Mobile SIM is in the one labeled “Free.” Still, not confusing. Then I decide to just leave the phone alone until tomorrow, I might need T-Mobile again, who knows. So I want to store the Free nano-SIM safely. And while trying to insert it, in its nano-to-micro adaper in its own micro-to-standard adapter, into my adapter storage thingie, unbelievable as it may seem, the nano-SIM jumped out and scurried under the couch.

So now we are faced with the recurring problem of “Find the ridiculously tiny yet infinitely valuable speck of plastic under the couch among a year’s worth of cat hair balls, pulled-out couch stuffing, and, as it turns out, a dark dead dessicated spider, her legs neatly folded as if in prayer.” (Are those spider adjectives in the right order?) OK, not yet panic time, I can do this, I search with the flashlight, nope. I use the hand broom to make a preliminary sweep. Nope. Meanwhile Luna has spilled my glass of water on the floor so I might as well bite the bullet and pull the couch out and do it right.

Removed the quilt and Knoxville Illinois commemorative comforter, the pillows, the cushions and back-supporting “husband,” slid the coffee table out and the two little tables, pushed back the wires and lamp, got the Dyson down, and commenced. Still nope. Now I’m a little concerned. Could I have swept it up in the first go? It’s certainly small enough to hide in a furball. I am just at the point of going to get my kitchen gloves so I can dig through the trash, sitting on the couch to re-combobulate, when I glance down and the little white SIM is at my feet. I swear it wasn’t there when I sat down.

It’s all for the best I suppose, gives me a start on picking the place up for the The Best Book Club meeting in December chez moi. I’ve only ever had two parties since I moved here, one a little apartment warming and the other the time I had the British Ladies’ Tea. So it’s time. I may even make the bed.

Safe at last. Miniaturization can be carried too far. No wonder people believe Bill Gates is putting microchips into vaccines.